Wendy is proud to list the names of many District 4 residents who support her campaign. Let us know if we can showcase your name as a supporter of Wendy for Supervisor.

Yard Signs!

Yard Signs are a great way to show your support for Wendy. Let us know if you’d like one delivered to your home or business!


This camapign is powered by hard-working people like you who want a voice on the Board of Supervisors.  Over 900 donations make it possible to purchase yard signs,  send mailers to District 4 voters, buy digital media advertising, and keep our volunteers well fed!

Every Donation Counts!


We Did It!  Together we ran a very competitive campaign and the response from voters is incredible. With votes still being counted, ‘Wendy Root Askew’ is holding a strong 10-point lead as the frontrunner going into a run-off election in November. 

Our community understands the challenges and opportunities facing our County. These election results show that voters want honest and accountable leadership to that will focus on addressing affordable housing, reducing homelessness, spurring living wage jobs, and protecting public safety.

I’m so very grateful to everyone who has worked so hard on this campaign and to all of the voters who made their voices heard in this important election. Take a moment to celebrate and rest, but know that we’ll be back on the campaign trail soon!

It is my honor to represent our shared values and I look forward to continuing to build our broad coalition of support and making the case to voters as to why I’m best equipped to be your next Supervisor.

Onward to November!