Wendy’s Key Priorities

“One of Wendy’s greatest strengths is her focus on getting things done, and her personal commitment to identify and meet unmet needs in the community.”

Lisa Stewart. Ph.D.


As one of the County’s top COVID response coordinators, I’ve led efforts in Seaside, Marina and Salinas responding to this crisis and keeping your family safe.

I’ve convened weekly sessions to provide health updates, delivered on free local testing, housing, and financial support to residents; distribution of thousands of masks/free meals; and connected families/businesses together with life-saving resources.

I’ve continued to prioritize safe, healthy schools – and established free childcare so teachers can focus on quality instruction as we work towards safe returns to the classroom.  

Voting for me ensures we’ll be ready for any emergency – and a comprehensive approach to leading Monterey County through the tough weeks ahead.  I stand for:

  • Social Equity where every resident is treated with compassion and receives the housing and food support they need.

  • Results-oriented, regional leadership to help our local businesses and eco-tourism economy recover from this devastating recession.   

  • Job creation and local economic revitalization to put our residents back to work and ensure our essential First Responders, teachers, and agricultural workers stay healthy and safe. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the issues and my experience serving the residents of Monterey County. Please let me know if you have questions, ideas, or concerns.


Wendy Root Askew

Housing for All

Our workforce and future generations, like my son and your children, should be able to afford to live here. I’m proud to be leading regional efforts to address housing for all Monterey County residents and their families, including: 

  • Fighting for our fair of state funding for Veteran housing 
  • Leading the effort to address teacher housing to retain excellent local educators
  • Co-founding the Monterey Peninsula Housing Coalition to provide focused, regional collaboration and leadership to these efforts 
  • Increasing the number of shelter beds in Marina for families in need
  • Successfully working with the community to open a Seaside homeless center
  • Led the effort to identify surplus School District property that can be repurposed as affordable housing for teachers and staff and homeless families

Community, Neighborhood & School Safety

As a mother and Education Trustee, nothing is more important to me personally than keeping our kids safe.

As a founding member of Salinas’s Community Alliance for Safety and Peace, I secured millions to combat gang violence in our communities and dedicate staff time on a weekly basis to support a high quality, sustainable collaborative of citizens, nonprofit leaders, the faith community, government leaders, and community safety partners. As mentioned, I also secured County funds laying the groundwork for Salinas to be selected as one of only 6 cities for the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, a program commended by the Monterey County Grand Jury for its groundbreaking work.  

I remain an active participant of the Seaside Youth Violence Prevention Group and secured funding for Monterey County Gang Violence Prevention Initiatives.

As a County legislative aide, I’ve secured millions in funding to District 4 to address public safety needs, including: 

  • Supporting gun safety legislation to keep local school sites safe
  • Successfully secured  millions in locally-controlled funding to improve school safety
  • Increased funding for the Safe Route to Schools program 
  • Co-founded  Monterey County Moms Demand Action  to educate families about  gun safety 
  • Led criminal justice reforms to identify potentially dangerous individuals while saving taxpayer dollars.

Good Jobs, Economic Development & the Environment

As a former business owner I’m leading the effort to create local, living-wage jobs that allow families to work where they live, maintaining  our tourism economy, and create good-paying local jobs. I’ve been hard at work at the County to protect our natural resources while boosting job creation, including:  

  • Expanded job creation at Natividad Medical Center and health clinics in Seaside, Marina and Salinas to  increase community access to healthcare 
  • Successfully championed preserving the Seaside Job Center 
  • Secured funding for Early Childhood Development programs 
  • Implemented programs that focus on ensuring career readiness, and increasing job opportunities and talent in our local workforce.

Quality Public Schools

In 2015, I was elected to the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board of Education where my priorities were expanding Transitional Kindergarten classrooms at every elementary school, and investing over $1,000,000 in initial preschool classroom and school improvements. Selected highlights of my work include:

  • In partnership with teachers and education staff, implemented long-term budget and fiscal sustainability, including helping to identify $5,000,000 in cost savings to increase teacher pay, without raising taxes
  • With Board colleagues and the community, led efforts to secure $323 Million in local education bonds to upgrade local neighborhood schools
  • Placed Family Service mental health specialists and trainers at every campus
  • Voted to ban use of cancer-causing pesticides at school sites 
  • Expanded nutritious, healthy free breakfast and lunch meals for students in need
  • Organized Sacramento actions to fight for our fair share of school funding
  • Increased investment in Early Childhood Development


I was the first Executive Director and Founder of what is now The Parenting Connection of Monterey County, which supports parents and caregivers in developing their ability to nurture young children. I hold a long-term vision that families in Monterey County can thrive when children are parented well.

County Leadership & Track Record 

For the past decade, I have been serving the residents of Sand City, Del Rey Oaks, Marina, East Garrison, CSUMB, Salinas, Seaside, and Ft. Ord as a top Legislative Aide to outgoing  Supervisor Jane Parker, with a particular focus on healthcare, homeless services, and public safety in our neighborhoods and schools.  

Currently representing the Supervisor on the Monterey County Children’s Council and the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, my understanding of how County Government works will build on the following track record of results:

  • Secured federal funding for the City of Salinas – one of only six cities that year – from the national Forum on Violence Prevention
  • Increased transparency and accountability by implementing annual performance evaluations of County executive staff
  • Increased community engagement in County decision-making and services through District 4 newsletter, website, social media, and direct community presentations
  • Scheduled and staffed  over 200 public community meetings in the District
  • Championed and served as an advisor for the Bright Beginnings Early Child Development Collective Impact Initiative
  • Advocated for  maternal health and numerous improvements at Natividad Medical Center, including trauma care, maternal labor and delivery services
  • Led efforts to establish Seaside Homeless Warming Center
  • Preserved funding for transitional housing for families with children experiencing homelessness in Marina
  • Secured Safe Routes to School planning grants for Salinas, Seaside and Marina

  • Secured Resources for all  District 4 communities to:
    • Expand school counselors
    • Fund civic engagement trainings
    • Improve counseling programs and food pantries
    • Protect Seaside’s job and social service center
    • Preserve and expand County Health Clinics in Seaside, Marina and Salinas
    • Helped establish new Seaside Family Health Center, including dental chairs, children’s playground, and expanded hours of operation
  • Increased online access to County meetings – schedules, agendas, and staff reports for transparency
  • Developed local legislation reducing ability of underage kids to purchase tobacco
  • Established Maternal Mental Health Task Force to raise awareness of post-partum depression
  • Led efforts in Seaside to reduce consumption of sugary beverages in children and teens
  • Advocated at the County level to reduce greenhouse emissions and promote electrical vehicle use
  • Early advocate of successful County pension reform, before State implemented its own reforms
  • Helped lead efforts to establish Farmers Market at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, and expand access to nutritious, free fruits and vegetables countywide

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